My Paulownia in the autumn and winter

Recently, there appeared the first frost even though it was only slightly below freezing, so some leaves of Paulownias were burnt. Today is the 27. 10. 2013 and some Paulownias that were better protected from frosthave still the foliage, but the leaves are falling down with touching them. The smaller ones held for sale, which I have in cups, fall faster than the ones which I planted out, they have large leaves. Paulovnias I will cary to overwinter into the greenhouse. Maybe I will transfer them somewhere where it will be just below zero. Paulovnie planted outdoors try some trim and some I have decided that I will not cut and only I will protect from frost and especially winter and early spring sun evergreens , if necessary , wrap the jute or nonwoven. Worst is the fact the early spring sun that wakes cells in plants to life , you begin to suck each other into the water and then freeze overnight , these cells will tear and the plant goes .


And how this turned out my paulovnie with growth ?

The seeds I sowed quite late , until the end of March , so it was at a time when many people had their paulovnie above. In the country I first started putting up sometime in July , and in April was very cold and still snowing , so it was all too late . But even so, the largest individuals reached a height of just over one meter , I measured the circumference of the trunk at a height of 10 cm above the ground and it is exactly 7 cm. The largest leaves were almost 0.5 meters in diameter ( exactly 46 cm) . I believe that if the growing season is longer ( by spring started out as a right , and I would fall for anything to happen ( in September it was not too hot ) , and I went out before the trees have grown a bit in above: - ) but I have to say that the greatest individuals were planted in really good soil. She was plump and well aerated , well- formed in the roots and trees , I also přihnojoval .

The largest individual I decided nezaštipovat . Jednosuše because I was sorry . Kmínek I find total woody , so I've just wrapped straw and fabric sack , put garlands around the tree and see the spring. And the rest of the seedlings ? You 've finally stung all , otherwise it will not work. Fleshy part of the well from drying up to a height of about 5 cm above the ground. I now have seedlings in late December in an unheated greenhouse and if they come more frosts , maybe I'll move somewhere where the temperatures just below freezing. We'll see ....

And what happened ? No frosts were not , but you know yourself. So the seedlings survived the winter and stacked zaštípané in stackable crates , not to take much space . And all claiming to live - without water, in the dark and the relative cool slowly waking up , which I now mid-March still too dislike.