Sowing the seeds

Sowing the seeds

It is middle of the March, and my seedlings are in the full growth. I sowed the first seeds exactly a month ago, it was Paulownia tomentosa and Paulownia kirl. I saw very good the difference between the seeds Anyway, now I spend almost the whole day taking care of seeds and seedlings. First it is very important to prepare the soil. It must be the sowing soil. You put the wet soil in a layer about 3 cm in clean seed trays. After settling substrate into each dish I threw the seeds lightly so that they were not touching. Seeds need sufficient moisture for germination and 3x daily misting, but you can cover them with some plastic bag and then it is not necessary. Seeds need light for germinating. I used 4 fluorescent tubes with a full daylight and high intensity light output. Everything above is also covered with thermofoil, silver side down - that well reflects light from fluorescent lighting. And now the temperature - it should be from 22°C to 27 ° C. I spend most of my time at the station and care about seedlings ... and I'm watching them. Today I spent the whole afternoon with transplanting Paulownia tomentosa seedlings into trays, because they grow very quickly.

In the next pictures you can see photos from sowing more then one month ago to this day (23. 3. 2014)






After 5 days - 21. 2. 2014


After one month - 16. 3. 2014